Project details

Project scope
13 houses
PBV architects
Delivered 1999, leased
Role Aedes
Development and investment

Eerste Boerhaavestraat

Thirteen new apartments around a private area on the site of a former factory. The design is based on the contours of the former coach house and the gas light factory which were among the first buildings in the wide area to be built on this location. The facade on Eerste Boerhaavestraat was rebuilt identically to the factory’s original facade.

The facade is rebuilt to the original gas light factory and former coach house.

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On a dike in Durgerdam overlooking the Markermeer, we are developing two buildings into a boutique hotel.

Amstel 111

Six buildings between three inner-city canals, Amstel, Nieuwe Prinsengracht and the Onbekendegracht, are being converted into a new hotel concept.

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