Landgoed Vels (Vels Estate) is located below the Eelerberg on the edge of the Reggedal, a historic trade route. The area is characterized by river dunes, which were created by the interaction of water, wind and ice. The river dunes determined the basin of the river Regge. Landgoed Vels borders on De Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. An area with quiet moors, vast forests and in sizeable big hills with panoramic views.

Landgoed Vels has been given the status ‘NSW Landgoed’ of unfarmed land (under the Dutch Estates Act 1928). There is a 18th-century farmhouse - a smallholding - on an ancient high field. Two manor houses are completed and are part of this new estate. In addition to the use of sustainable materials, the aim in the long run is full autonomy to the use of water and energy.

Project Details

Project size:

Approx 15 ha.


Kentie & Partners


Completion 2017

Role Aedes:

Development and investment

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